Specialists in repairs, data recovery & refurbishment, based in Bankstown, NSW

RefurbTechs repair devices across all form factors: phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. We have a team of highly experienced technicians that work out of both our tech lab and remotely, allowing customers to focus on running their businesses and lives while we take the hassle of worrying about technology away entirely. 

iPhone, Samsung & Android Repairs

Got a damaged phone? RefurbTechs are the experts when it comes to cracked screens, water damage, motherboard errors or any other issues. Our highly skilled technicians are standing by, ready to give your phone a new lease on life!

Motherboard & Data Recovery

We utilise specialist equipment to diagnose faults on a motherboard and repair it, bringing it back to life with the data retrieved. Whether it is water damage, dropped device, smashed phone or software failure, we find solutions for customers that allow them to recover precious data.

Laptops and Computers

We also offer repair services for laptops and computers across a broad range of problem types. These cover the following broad areas, but we welcome your inquiries about any specific issue you may have to see how we can find a solution that suits you.

iPad and Tablet Repairs

If your iPad or tablet has taken a turn for the worse and is in need of any hardware or software repairs, you can trust RefurbTechs to give your device new life. We can diagnose all sorts of issues, ranging from broken screens, battery performance, software malfunction and more. 

We Repair Hundreds of Devices

We have helped people just like you – Broken phones hailing from Oatley, Punchbowl, Greenacre and all nearby suburbs have come to RefurbTechs for some TLC. We cover almost every repair and device that you could think of, including:

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We look forward to serving your needs

Please feel free to visit us at our store in Bankstown, call us or shoot us a message – we actively monitor our inbox and will respond ASAP.