iPad & Tablet Repairs

There is nothing quite like a tablet in terms of versatility – they enrich the lives of all, from children to CEOs, however the large screens make them prone to breakage.

If your iPad or tablet has taken a turn for the worst and is in need of any hardware or software repairs, you can trust RefurbTechs to give your device new life.

We also service companies and government bodies requiring ready access to dependable refurb or repair services for their client and staff technology needs. On top of bulk deals, we offer turn-key solutions to such organisations, acting as key service partners.


Screen Refurbishment

If your screen is cracked or facing any other issues, like backlight or touch responsiveness issues, then RefurbTechs has got you covered.

Hardware Repairs

RefurbTechs offers extensive tablet repairs, including shell replacement, charging port repairs, battery replacement and more.

Motherboard Repairs

We utilise specialist equipment to diagnose and repair motherboards, bringing them back to life, whether caused by water damage, dropped device, smashed phone or software failure.

Software & Data Recovery

We can recover your valuable data from your device and diagnose a wide range of software issues, including system performace (i.e. lag).

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